Blogging And Me

Blogging has been here since-well for long enough anyway. But I was never into it. Never once thought about starting one either.

Honestly, I thought blogging was just a platform for people to show off. A place for drama queens and people who barely had the guts to act up.

OK! Before you judge me and jump to conclusions, yes I was naive. Yes I was an ignorant fool. Yes I admit it all! The thing is, I never felt the need to write up stuffs, until now that is.

First of all, am an ardent reader. Books were my first love. Nothing can sweep me off my feet like a good book. And writing! God! I could go on an on about writing. There is nothing that makes me merrier, none that can give me such peace of mind. It helps me to express myself in ways that nothing else can. It is unconditional and truly is the best feeling ever!

In school much effort was not needed. English was a subject and there was constant write ups involved. In spite of that, I used to write about unrelated stuffs too. Everything and anything that came to my mind. I wrote when I was happy,I wanted the memory to stay. I wrote when I was down, I wanted to be happy. I wrote when I wanted to remember. I wrote when I wanted to forget. I wrote and wrote. But when school ended, that ended too.

I am not sure why or how, but I just stopped writing. Just like that. And then I realised maybe it had a lot to do with social networking. I wasn’t much involved during my school days, but afterwards I became one of the billions of unfortunate souls for whom social networking became life. I stress on ‘life’-not ‘part of life’, mind you. Then there was no time for anything. No time for writing or people or nothing. I was an epitome of ignorance, like most other teenagers.

But almost two years into my naval architecture course, I really started missing writing. The little notes I used to make. The poems. The stories. Everything. I honestly don’t know how it’s possible to miss an inhuman non-materialistic thing to this extend.

It was recently that I came across a story writing competition. It stirred the writer in me and I was once again fully fledged into writing. That was my eureka moment I suppose. It made me once again realise what my passion was, were my happiness lay. And that’s when I started thinking about blogging.


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