After all this time
The moment my life crumbles down
My instinct, still, is to come running to you
I wonder why it is so.
Why is it that I still am sure
I’ll be fine in the warmth of your embrace?
That ain’t no matter what the trouble,
You will always have a solution?
Why is it that every time am outside,
My eyes automatically search for you?
And get sulky in an instant,
At the realization that the search was in vain?
Why is it that I still am jealous,
Of the people that get to talk to you?
Still possessive about you,
Regarding those who get to be with you?
Why is it that I am so sure, even now
That am ready to kill anyone,
Who may dare to hurt you?
Why is it that I pulled the plug on us,
And yet here I am, weeping at your memory?
That the moment I close my eyes
And drift off to sleep, I see you?
That all my dreams are defined by you?
Why is it that I miss you,still?
And can’t take you off my head?
Why are you still,
My prince charming, and
The best thing that ever happened to me?
I left you once,why can’t I-
Just let you go forever,
Forget you and move on?
Why do I have to be so miserable,
And still need you for my happiness?
Tell me why is it that I still love you?

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