When it takes two hours to down your meal
Takes an effort just to swallow,
Eating becomes a struggle.
When you have to concentrate on your breathing,
Just to hold on,
Breathing becomes a task.
When it takes hours of lying down on bed,
Just to get sleep,
When it’s a struggle,just to wake up in the morning,
Sleeping becomes an escape.
When you start to cry n cry,for no reason
During everything and anything,
Crying becomes a help no more.
When it starts to feel empty inside,
A pit is formed deep down your stomach,
Life becomes a question mark.
When you don’t want to be the girl-
Who attempted suicide, cause you don’t need
The stares, the sympathy nor the pity,
You’d rather becomes the girl that committed suicide.
You have been battling it all by yourself,
For so long now that loneliness is a friend.
There is no hope,no tomorrow.
It’s all just today,an eternal misery.
When everything just falls apart,
You are exhausted, sick of the-
Effort it takes just to fake a smile,to survive
You don’t wanna try anymore,
Don’t wanna pretend and force a laughter again
Giving up becomes easier.
And that’s exactly when you have to rise again,
From the ashes.
Even if you fall down,
Even when you have to crawl,
Even if its the last thing you do,
You have to rise again.
Cause you are the phoenix.
And you will,always,rise again.

PS: The image here is purely my work- drawn by me on a pic from Google!

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