Eternal love


Just another ordinary being, he wandered about aimlessly.
Wrecked, doomed, undesired;
A ruin left untamed.
As in a dream, he chanced upon her ethereal beauty.
Metamorphosed by love,
Governed by a purpose-her.

Every night when the world slowly receded to their abodes, 
He went to his sanctum sanctorum-the wilderness,
To look at her.
Most often he could only get a glimpse,
Yet her sight left him ecstatic.
She was so far away, yet his heart felt her.
She was a mystery wrapped in enigma, yet he knew her.
She was unattainable, yet he was determined.

His heart wept when she went into hiding.
He wished the wind would do its karma,
So he could just see her once more-
Before the illumination took her away,
For what seemed like an eternity.
He wished she knew, the way he felt,
How his heart longed for her, for a touch.

Those days, when she shed her inhibitions
And revealed her beauty in its entirety,
Her radiance would sweep over him.
That’s when he would reach the epitome-
Of holding back his feelings for her.
He would transform,
Her incandescence helping him discover himself
His bona fide self-laid naked, just for her.
It’s when he would cry out,
His bellows reverberating through the trees,
He cries n cries, louder and louder
Hoping against hope that, for once, she would hear him;
Embrace him with her chill.

What if she did hear him? 
What if she knew?he wondered
What if it’s him that couldn’t hear her?
Maybe that’s why she disappeared at times,
So she could bury her sorrow.
This was his greatest tragedy,
His worst fear.
The werewolf dropped his head in anguish,
As his cries yet again went unanswered by the moon,
Who vanished once again.
He knew they could never be together,
Yet he vowed to love her forever.

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35 thoughts on “Eternal love

  1. piezoradeon says:

    It was well written… The vocab …. The vocab seems like the moon in this poem…

    By the end of the second stanza and the beginning of the third I expected the ‘her’ to be the moon … That was like obvious …
    I thought ‘he’ would be a lost traveller in the woods or something …..

    But, yeah.. Werewolf, I never did expect!
    Great going! Another cool poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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