It is once again that time of the year, where I go on a hunt all around my house, to find every tiny bit of paper that had anything to do with any subjects that I had this semester, which, even after two years I somehow still haven’t learnt how to keep safe. Yes, my fourth semester finals are just around the corner.
So,yesterday, I somehow hunted down a bunch of papers(which I really hope are the right ones), and had quite painstakingly stacked them in what I honestly believed was the right order. That’s when I realised something very important was missing. The stapler!!
That’s the beauty in the pic(though am not sure she’s exactly a pretty sight now).


As you can see,she’s clearly in a bad state and I literally had to hold her broken pieces together to finish my work. And that’s when I had a crazy pang of nostalgia. This stapler is the only one, and its been in my home for as long as I can remember. And she’s almost as old as I am.
I remember, as a kid she was one of my favorite toys. I used to adore her like anything and I pretended (or rather seriously believed) that she was a freakingly awesome gadget on the likes of the ones in Men In Black! According to the little me, this was how it worked: to an ordinary human,it appeared as a very ordinary stapler. But if the right person (the little me) opened it- tada!!- it became a mobile phone!! (Now back then mobile phones weren’t that popular and am not sure if there were any in my home). But this was no ordinary mobile. For one thing it was the tiniest one ever to be invented, in the sense that it really had less width. But,there was a secret button you could press, which will pop out a keyboard, which you can use to input all the important details. Also there was another secret button, which when pressed would pop up a screen, where you could talk face to face with the other MIB agents. That’s not the end!! If you opened it up, there were all these shrunk up weapons you could use against aliens and all kindsa enemies!! (Woah!! I was so imaginative back then!!)


I used to lie in my bed, with the stapler to my ears,pretending like I was having important convos with my fellow agents. I was (obviously) the leader and hence would give out important orders (Mission abort!! Mission abort!!) and would be shouting into my gadget (Do you read me? DO YOU READ ME???).

Believe me,I used to get hurt too. Numerous times I got my hands stapled. (If you have ever had such an experience, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much it frigging hurts). But no matter how much it hurt me, or how stupid my imagination seemed, I never gave up on her, until the day I grew up that is. But even then, I was,still is, dependent on her for my stapling needs. I don’t have the slightest clue when I stopped playing with her and just started using her as a stapler.
Even though just a mere stapler, one among the millions out there, and quite unimportant (until you need to staple something), looking at her yesterday made me think a little deeper.
As a little kid, all of us are attached to something or the other. Almost every little thing that we come across as a kid is precious and valuable to us. Even though sometimes these things could hurt us, we don’t give up on it. We don’t hold grudges. If it’s something really important to us, we always go back,no matter what, even if it’s just a stapler.
But just as soon as we grow up,nothing’s no longer important. We give up on things easily. Only this time, the things are people, not stapler or something else. I can’t help but ponder, how in the timespan between being a kid and a grown up, did we lose ourselves? Are we all murderers to kill the little kid that we used to be? How could we unlearn something like compassion, forgiveness or love?