Don’t!Stop it!Stop getting attached,
Stop caring so much,
They don’t bother.
You don’t have to forgive every single time,
They don’t deserve it.
No! You don’t need them,
They are just floaters.
Don’t believe everything they say,
Stop yourself from falling for each word,
Please stop trusting blindly,
Its all just lies, sugarcoated with the greatest sincerity.
They are gonna tell you they need you,
But they don’t need you more than a pencil needs ink.
Listen to me,will you,my dear heart?
When they leave,which they will,without a care,
Its you whose gonna need a bandage.
But you are never gonna get fixed.
And it’s gonna hurt, a lot.
They are not even worth half that pain.
But the heart never listens.
It could take a fall,
Crash down and crumble,
Yet it will always love.