Forgetting the master


STOP!! Stop right now!!
Just stop it,don’t let it get over your head.
Don’t let it consume you.
Just don’t let it change who you are.
Just don’t.
You are much above mere social networking,you know?
You are not defined by technology, do u get that?
Whatever the hell happened to that charming fun loving person that you were?
Weren’t you that dreamer,the lover of nature?
Where did the outgoing,stargazing wanderlust go?
You killed it,didn’t you?
No,its not the same thing to download an app that let’s you listen to sounds of waterfalls,
That let’s you gaze the stars from indoors.
A dating app can’t be your cupid forever.
No!!Texting is not real conversation.

You were so hooked on the number of likes your new FB post got,
You were so caught up with commenting on pics of your best friend’s brother in law’s third cousin’s dog,which btw you haven’t met,
You were pretense-laughing at your own jokes in a meaningless WhatsApp group that;
Did you ever,for once,just a moment, see that little mortal thing called life slipping away?

Fifty years from now, what are you gonna be proud of?
The thousand likes for the pic in your favourite dress? (That half the people won’t even have glanced at)
The two hundred and fifty comments on your insta pics? (From people you barely know)
Hell!!You think you are even gonna remember any of it?

Hey you! Who don’t give a shit-this is not for you.
But you who cares,do you honestly wanna quit?
Have one sincere shot at life?
Get back to being who you were meant to be and not @yourname?
Have a real laughter for once and not a LOL?
Actually get to know people and have a real conversation for once?
Then what’s stopping you?
You think you can’t just leave?
You think its too difficult?
You think you will be in withdrawal?
You can’t be more wrong,you know.
But I don’t blame you,I thought so too.
But trust me, quitting Facebook was one of the easiest things I have done in life.
And that is coming from a person who used to be an outright Facebook addict,
That spend many sleepless hours online.
You think you will die without your smart phones?
No you won’t, I have been there. And I am still here,talking to you.
Believe me,quitting doesn’t get you in chaos.
In fact,it brings about a serene peace,that we all have lost.
You will be surprised to know how much you actually don’t care about all that technology.
You won’t believe how much addictive nature can be.
Now,don’t get me wrong.
You do need technology.
I won’t be talking to you if it wasn’t for the same.
But,all I am saying is,
Just don’t ever forget who the master is.


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