With every puff that he drew in deep, he remembered her scent.
In every ring of smoke that emanated from him, he envisioned her curves.
With each ash that struck the ground, he tried in vain, to forget her.
Each time the matches came to life, he remembered his spirit that she annihilated.
For every light that she had eradicated, the ashes kept piling up.
As he tried to escape through books, he drowned in her words.
With every turn of the page, he took an irrevocable fall.
With every hope that dwindled, he died a little.
The promises of forever- once a bliss, now fatal.
As time ceased to move, he missed her, again for the millionth time.
He willed his heart to unlove,for a moment at least,if not forever.
She was his alchemy. Now his forever entangled mess.

Pic credits:Ashish Mathai


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