Bookchor – The Robin Hood of Textville!


I still remember the day I first ran into Bookchor. Let me tell you this in all honesty- it was love at first sight!

It happened about five months back, on a very normal day of mine spend loitering on Instagram. That was when I saw an ad of Bookchor. The bibliophile that I’m, who can’t resist anything that even remotely has anything to do with books, I immediately checked it out. The Instagram account that barely had about fifteen posts and under one thousand followers, boasted of a site to sell and buy used and new books at the cheapest rates. And the cherry on top was that, they had an app too. Before I knew it, I had already downloaded it.

As I browsed through the app, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They indeed had books at THE CHEAPEST possible rates!!!! From Dan Brown, Sydney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer to every single one of my favorite author’s books at rates barely around a hundred bucks, Bookchor sounded like the knight in shining armor to every single book fanatic out there!

Well, I had my apprehensions. It was just too good to be true. Come on! A site exclusively for books,that too at such cheap rates, something had to be off. So to settle my doubts once and for all, I ordered  two books. A week later, when I finally got my package, I had my mind blown off!!!! Ok , for one thing, the books which were supposed to be used were in perfect condition and as good as new. There were special bookchor bookmarks too. But what made me giggle like a twelve year old and literally jump around dancing was a personalized handwritten note that they had sent along with the books. I was almost moved to tears and that was when I realised I had made one of the best decisions in my life by downloading their app. And all I could think of was, “where were you all my life???”


That day marked the beginning of my everlasting bookchor shopping spree. Even today, there’s no where else I’d rather go to get books than from bookchor, which is bigger than ever with over six thousand followers on Instagram, that is ever growing day by day. Yes, there are other sites and shops where one will get really good quality books, and maybe even at discounted rates. But what makes Bookchor so unique and the reason I love ’em so much is for the little things that they do – the tiniest details and the huge amount of attention they pay to each and every one of their customers,  just to ensure that along with the best quality books, they deliver lots of happiness too.


Be it a surprise gift book or a satchel of coffee, along with their beautifully hand written notes, they always do something more to make one feel extra special. Here is finally an app that actually tries to make you a little more happier, the glitter in your eyes a lot more shinier and the smile much wider, every time you shop with them.



They have the best customer service I have ever come across. You just have to message them through their app or any social media,and they’ll be there ASAP to help you in every which way possible. As they claim, they are indeed the Robin Hood of Textville,that if you need a particular book, all you have to do is request them and they will hunt it down for you in it’s best quality and cheapest rates. And that’s not the end! They even give you surprise gifts, has an array of offers every week and has a Sunday market dedicated to books at rates around fifty bucks!! What more do you need? To be frank, if Bookchor was a guy, I would definitely marry him!

PS: This is not a paid post. Bookchor has in no way got anything to do with the publication of this post.


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