He lay there on his back,with his head resting on one palm, and his other hand wrapped around me; loosely yet close,carefree yet affectionate. I rested my head on his torso, my fingers tracing patterns on the hairs on his chest. There was the softest grass beneath us and the infinite sky above.
I looked at his face,serene and compassionate. His eyes traversed the constellations in the sky. “Aren’t you afraid?”, I inquired.
“Of what?”
“You know,.. “I looked away from his face. ” leaving,again.”The lump in my throat refused to diffuse.
“Have I ever told you that I’m in love with albatrosses?”,his eyes still fixated on the sky.
“Nope.” I wondered what relevance this had with what I had asked him. 
His face immediately perked up, his eyes wandered beyond the sky. “Albatross is one of the most faithful birds in the entire world. They wait around six to eight years to find the right partner, who might even match up to the moves of it’s mating dance. And once they mate, it’s for a life time.”
He took his hand away from under his head, gripped mine that lay on his torso tightly, looked in my eyes and added, “The best part is albatrosses are almost always at sea and partners don’t always travel together, and even if they do, sometimes one gets lost. But, no matter what, they always return to their nesting place, and most often they come at the same time. It’s as if they had communicated with each other to be at the right place at the right time.”
I couldn’t help but smile. His eyes yet again studied the constellations.”For them, the most important thing in life is each other. They often sleep with the head of one bird snuggled up against the breast of its mate.”
I sneaked at his face to see his smile creeping up ear to ear, mine getting brighter. His eyes met mine and he planted the softest kiss on my lips. I cuddled more closer and wrapped my arms tightly around him, the lump in my throat vanquished.


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