Closest Strangers

Do you remember the plans we made? The huge beach wedding, Christian style. You waiting eagerly at the altar, adorning a tuxedo; while I walked down the aisle. The lavenders and the lilies along with our closest acquaintances witnessing our vows, as we finally say our I dos. How the naughty teenager in you will want to skip everything for the ‘you may kiss your bride’ part.
And now, there’s nothing I despise as much as a wedding.

When we fought about naming our future kids, my insides would silently waltz, taking to heart the forever after Us.
Now, I shudder at the thought of kids, that will never be ours.

You knew every scar, every wound, and all the hurt and sorrow that had ever touched up on me; some instilled and the majority cured by you. And I, yours.
And now, I’ve been shut down and locked up by the mistakes that were once us; never wanting to be opened again.You untangled every mess that I got myself in, only to plunge me deeper into a hopeless pit, forever to rot.

Every curve, every inch of my body you had possessed. Do you remember the million times we lay embraced in each other’s nakedness, staring at the stars? I doubt you are still obsessed with kissing my neck. How you used to say my neck was the most beautiful part of me!
Now, I refrain from looking at my nakedness, knowing all so well that no other can replace your touch.

Once upon a time, we couldn’t even stand the thought of staying apart. Evenings filled with endless conversations and the dawn that looked upon our intense lovemaking.
If we chanced upon each other now, would we even want to acknowledge each other amidst the remorse that will radiate from us?

As the dreams of Kulu-Manali ride remains forever abandoned, and the roads in Rome, untreaded; here we are the closest strangers.
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