A typical Sunday night in our apartment at Mumbai. I snuggled closer to my husband, taking in all his warmth, his arms wrapped around me; a blanket covering us both. The home theatre in front showed episode 21 of our favourite series; a nail-biting finale. We had our eyes glued to the screen.

“Holy fuck!!”, we both screamed at the same time, struggling to take in the new turn of events that had unveiled in front of us.

Suddenly the baby monitor cracked up to life with the wailing of our two-month-old daughter. “Your turn!!!”, I shouted, my eyes not daring to leave the screen.

I could sense his I-hate-you-so-much-I’m-wondering-why-I-married-you-stare on me. Yet, without a word, he stood up and left hurriedly.

As the last five minutes of the finale got as intriguing as it could, he brought the baby in, her cries engulfing the living room. My maternal instincts had me looking at her in an instant. As he started singing a soft lullaby to her, just like how he always does, my heart welled up with emotions. With his left palm softly caressing her tiny head and his right supporting her back, he slowly danced about the living room. He looked at her with such affection that anyone who chanced upon them would know that he was looking at his entire universe.

As the daddy’s little girl soon cosied up to his soothing voice, I could not take my eyes off them, my lifelines; though a tad bit jealous that the songs one reserved for were now hers too. Suddenly, his eyes met mine. He raised his eyebrows quizzically, feeling the emotions that played on my face. I shook my head, and turned to the screen, not wanting to expose my eyes that were welling up. Damn! It got me every single time.

I stared at the home theater, barely noticing the end of the show. Eight year long relationship. Long distances and longer periods of silences. Break ups and make ups. Laughter and tears. And we had finally made it, us sillies!

With the baby asleep in his hands, he came near me, and kissed me on my forehead. I know, it said.

PS: First of all, this is a work of fiction. I have absolutely no clue whatsoever about married life.

Well, you know how an idea suddenly strikes you out of the blue and you just have to write it down, before you forget it? This tale is a result of one such spark. But somehow this is so close to my heart cos for some weird reason I could picture everything and feel every single emotion the duo went through, way before I wrote it. And I have tried my best to incorporate those into words.


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