What if I forget you? What if I wake up one blue moon, to see you next to me in bed, your hands wrapped around me; only to scream as hell thinking you are a stranger?

What if I have to look at your tear worn eyes every single day, and never realize I’m the reason for it?

What if you tell me you love me,over and over again, but I never realise what it means?

What if I jump at your slightest touch, which I once used to crave? What if I never let you kiss me again? What if I despise your hugs, that I once used to drown in?

 What if I forget our dreams, our passion, us? What if I hit you,push you away and tell you I hate you?

What if I forget our firsts- the first time you kissed me,under the silhouette of the moon,or that day I ran into your arms crying like hell and how you whispered how much you loved me, holding my face,looking deep in my eyes?

What if I forget you are my sanctum sanctorum,the moon to my werewolf?

What if I forget to love you again?

What if you leave me? But, worse, what if you choose to stay,still?


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