Despondent Wishes

I wish for your lips to utter my name just one more time, the one only you used to call me.

Like the time we huddled together on the beach,watching the waves make love to the sand, I wish you would hug me tighter.As the wind waltz about my face, you would brush aside the strands of hair that went astray,and plant the lightest kiss on my forehead. I wish we had one more evening like that.

I wish we would wrestle again, that you would pin me down and command me to give up. And that we will emerge laughing, after my grave attempts at pulling out your hair and scratching you with my nails. 

Do you remember our first kiss? It wasn’t the Prince-Charming-wakes-up-sleeping-beauty-kinda one. Neither was it something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Though just a peck on the cheek, it was just perfect; unexpected and unreal. And I’ll cherish it for a lifetime.

Can you believe how young and carefree we used to be once? We were barely two teenagers that would jump in the puddle on the road and splash each other. Even when the entire world was against us, we stood by each other’s side, and honestly believed that nothing or no one could come between us. Until the day we grew up.

I wish we could turn back time, and complete the conversations that were left halfway. Say the words that we could never utter. Write those letters again. Open the doors that were barred shut. Break those silences that broke us, with a million kisses. Just hug each other and let the tears flow. Forgive each other.

Above all, I wish you would tell me that you love me. Cause, like our favorite song from a zillion years ago said, we’re not broken just bend, till we can learn to love again.


32 thoughts on “Despondent Wishes

      1. Adaptation of past experiences does sound right. But the scenarios described are fictional, but mixed with feelings that were real. I am not making much sense, am I? :/

        And nope, it is way in the past.

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      2. Cool. Welcome again.

        People use hanji as a sign of respect? I just assumed it was a Punjabi vocab 😀 (a Punjabi friend inflicted its usage upon me)

        Spelling is right. Where’d you learn that from though? :/

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      3. 🙂

        ‘Ji’ as a sign of respect. Where are you from originally? (i.e. If you don’t mind me asking )

        I have been to places. Assam. Ahmedabad. I picked up a few things.

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      4. I knew it! You reminded me so much of a friend I made on WP over an year ago from AP. We used to rant so much nonchalantly. Even though the rant has reduced drastically and he is completely inactive on WP now, we are still in touch!

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      5. Because you resembled my friend from there.
        I’ve been in vizag for training purposes, but that’s not how I know the AP fellow. I met him the same way you n I know each other, or barely know each other😂

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