It’s new year!!! 2017, yup it’s here already!!! And thus it’s once again that time of the year for staying up till well after 12 am, partying hard, getting drunk af, kissing the love of your life (or some random stranger, courtesy: drunk af) at sharp 12 am, screaming happy new year at the top of your lungs, and most importantly for the so called new year resolutions.

New year resolutions!! Now those come in all size and shapes. A typical one runs as ‘I am gonna do this or not gonna do that’ and goes quite smoothly for say January. And by May-June you are gonna forget it like it were the answers to your exam from a week ago. So this new year, why don’t you do something worthwhile? Make a resolution that you can stick by?
Forget all the hustle bustle around a typical resolution and just let’s focus on something simple. Umm..so how about something like to live your life a little? I mean what if this is your last new year? What if you don’t get to live long enough to see another brand new year? Now don’t choke on your leftover Christmas cake. You might just actually make it to another new year in one piece.
What I’m trying to say is live a little. Just L.I.V.E. First of all, stop doing whatever you do with your smart phones, and laptops and whatever comes under the so called modern technology, and actually do something worthwhile. This new year, give your new year wishes to your loved ones personally. Instead of sending a monotonous text message to everyone and anyone, this new year call up those you wanna wish, and better yet meet them in person and wish them.
Rather than going to a five star hotel or a pub and getting drunk till you don’t know your whereabouts anymore, go for a ride with your friends. Go somewhere beautiful. Let go of yourself and laugh out loud. Watch the moon and stars, feel the wind in your face and just communicate for real for once. Walk bare foot. On the grass, and upon the sand. Feel how the grass tickle your feet. Cherish how your feet sinks in the sand.
Talk to your friends about the year that passed. Thank them for everything they did for you. Forgive their little sins. Say sorry for your mistakes. Tell them how much they mean to you. Just open your heart out.Try to make amends with the people you hurt.
Stop taking selfies and pictures for a thousand likes and comments. For once take a photograph for what it really was meant for, to cherish a memory. Savour it than subject it to a postmortem by five hundred people you barely know. Just pause a while to actually admire the beauty of your surroundings. Just at least for once really take in the nature at it’s best, rather than through the lens.
Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with a visit,if you aren’t already together. And tell him/her how much you love them and what they mean to you.
That girl you love more than anything, but you just couldn’t tell her how much you love her, for whatever reasons? Call her and just blurt your feelings out. Just let it flow.

Tell your best friend how much you love him/her. Tell your parents, your siblings, your teachers and your dog too how much you love em and how blessed you are to have ’em in your life. 
I mean what if this really is your last new year? Wouldn’t you wanna spread a little more cheer and happiness amidst the people you love and cherish? So let go of the grudges. Forget the past. Smile and spread happiness. Cause what if you die tomorrow? Or worse, what if that one most important person in your life is no longer there next new year, or tomorrow?


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