Feet that stomps the moist ground.
A little prick here, a little prick there.
Blood, oozing.
Still running.
Hands that drag me back.
Pushed down,
Crawling to find solace.
Rising up
A stumble here, a stumble there.
But, up. And,
Still running.
Enclosing darkness.
Spreading like venom.
Breath. Focus.
Keep running.
“I am coming for you.”
Don’t look back.
Stop not.
Drenched in sweat.
Worn out.
Still running.
Home’s just around the corner.
It’s increasing its pace.
Gripped with fear.
Dying to stop.
To rest.
It’s right behind!!!
Heart pounding.
Still running.
Caught up.
One hand upon the mouth,
Other on the waist.
Bright lights. Blue.
And gold.
White as peace.
Look behind.
No one.
Turn back.
Am home.
To me.


PS: this one is very much different from my usual works. And it is a piece that is very close to my heart, personal and I had a very particular thing in mind while penning this.

I know this seems a little peculiar and weird maybe. You may find it meaningless or senseless. This could mean something to you, something entirely different from what it means to me. What I saw in this may not be what you see. Or we both could be thinking the exact same thing. This is completely open to your own interpretations. And whatever it is, do let me know in the comments.

Pic Courtesy: Google


15 thoughts on “Running

    1. Ok so this one is basically open to the reader’s interpretation. But for me, what it means is- you know how when you are depressed, you kind of end up losing yourself. So, what I am trying to tell through this poem is to not let depression completely get to you. The ‘It’ here is depression that is resurfacing and ‘Home’ is the person finding himself again.

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