My Worst Book Hangovers

My first article as a content brewer intern at Kaffeinated Konversations, where I talk about my worst book hangovers.

Have you ever had an instance where you just could not get over a book? You will get so attached to the book and most often after finishing it you are so emotionally gripped that, you feel like taking up a new book is almost sinful.

Sometimes it’s the setting of the book that transports you to a different world, like Harry Potter, which will give you the hardest time to come back to reality. Other times it may be the story, something inspirational like Tuesdays with Morrie. And the worst kinds of hangovers are the ones that leave you depressed. I have had so many book hangovers, but let me tell you about those books that gave me the worst hangover ever.

P.S. I Love You

Those who have read this book will know how moving and emotional this book is. The author, Cecelia Ahern, has done a spectacular…

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26 thoughts on “My Worst Book Hangovers

  1. Intentergy says:

    I definitely felt a book hangover after reading any of the Harry Potter books. Other books that have left me lagging include the hilarious novels by Janet Evanovich (I want so badly for a terrible bounty hunter caught in a racy love triangle to really be in New Jersey nabbing bad guys) and The Outlander Seriers by Diana Gabaldon (I really want to fall though some Scottish stones) 🙂

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  2. Nomadosauras says:

    That’s quite a list of books! Schindler’s list, I have heard it’s one that leaves quite a bit of impression. I’ll try to read it soon 🙂
    The book that left me with a hangover (and that hasn’t subsided even after half a decade) is The Kite Runner.
    Some books convey an emotion so raw that you cannot help but repent for the character’s sin. The Kite Runner was one such book for me. I have read the subsequent works of Khalid Hosseini but none has flown to the heights of his debut novel, for me atleast. I still get goosebumps whenever I read the line- ‘For you, A thousand times over’.
    Have you read it?

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      • Nomadosauras says:

        Ohh.. is it? I have heard only positive things about it until now. And to be honest, a part of the reason I am drawn towards it are the wonderful watercolor and ink illustrations. I am sure that’ll make up for whatever shortcoming there is in the writing 🙂

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      • Nomadosauras says:

        As promised! I am back here after reading Sea Prayer. It’s not a book per se. More like a series of couplets or prose poem even, that describes a heart wrenching tale of a child/fervent wish of parent. The illustrations are top notch and if you are unsure about buying it, I’d recommend reading it in a bookstore like Crossword. There’s barely 4 pages of text, so it won’t take long to make up your mind. That said, it’s one of those books that provokes reactions at the extreme spectrum. Either you love it or put it down never to read it again. Hope to read your review of the same either way! Cheers!

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      • Reethu Ravi says:

        I’m so glad to know that you are back after reading Sea Prayer. And I read it too. Someone recommended the same as you -to read it at a bookstore. So I read it at the airport. I really loved it, though I wish it was an extensive read like his previous works. And yes, the illustrations were amazing♥️

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