Book Review: Dangerous Games

Alix Phillips, a successful journalist, is always willing to put herself on the front line for her job. All that matters is getting the story.

After great loss in her early life, Alix struggles to let anyone get too close. She trusts a few people, her mother Isabelle, daughter Faye and friend Ben. Ben, Alex’s cameraman and kindred spirit, lives for the thrill of the daring job – it’s love that terrifies him.

When Alix’s boss suspects a major political scandal in the White House, he sends Alix to uncover the truth. This story could blow the corridors of power wide open, and Alix is feeling the heat.

For someone who was never scared, Alix must now play some Dangerous Games.

The latest release from Danielle Steel, Dangerous Games is a gripping story of family, ambition, and power. The story begins with a sneak peek into the dangerous lives of world-renowned reporter Alix Philips and her cameraman Ben Chapman, an ex-Navy SEAL. Their new assignment has them investigating the vice President of the United States, Tony Clark for possible bribery cases. As a part of their hush-hush mission, Alix meets with Olympia Foster, widow of America’s most beloved Senator and for whom, Tony Clark, her late husband’s best friend is the pillar of support. As the investigation progress, shocking truths are unveiled and many lives are at stake.

I loved how the book began. Alix and Ben are all over the world- from India to Paris, to bring the most important news to the world. The author has done a beautiful job in engaging the reader. There’s a smooth built up of anticipation from the very beginning that I was almost done with the book halfway in one go.

But, after the first quarter, the book just didn’t work for me. The story gets too predictable and too obvious. Also, the book could use a bit more editing cause most of the stuff in it are highly repetitive, that it leaves the reader quite bored. There is no suspense element and the story is not that great.

There are so many elements in the book. The parts were the author touch upon family, relationships, moving on and courage is quite commendable. So if those are your cup of tea, go for it. Otherwise, you may give the book a miss.

PS: I received a copy of the book from Pan Macmillan India in exchange for an honest review.



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