Between You and Me: Atul Khanna’s call to action for a better society

Book: Between You and Me, flight to societal moksha

Author: Atul Khanna

Pages: 291

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Rating: 3/5

Price: Rs. 499

Between You and Me by Atul Khanna is an in-depth analysis of the Indian society–its politics, government, leaders, policies–through the eyes of a common man. The book begins with the story of the historical characters Karna and Eklavya, to show how from time immemorial the society has been unfair to the most deserving. Through Between You and Me, the author dwells deep into the faults in our society, from the government to education, healthcare, economy, to science and technology. He also provides possible solutions to each problem, to achieve a better society.

Throughout the book, the author draws examples from his own life, and also breaks down the situations in layman’s terms to make it easier for the reader to understand the situations.  I loved how Khanna drew some hard-hitting parallels to ask crucial questions. For example, he asks why the land acquisition of Worli Sea Face sounds so preposterous when it’s been done all the time in rural India? “Is it one law for us and another law for them?” asks the author. 

The book is well-written and well-structured. The author often makes his points through bullets, which makes it easier to read and understand. It is a bit on the heavy side due to the kind of issues the author has addressed and to understand everything one has to take it slow. While I agree with most of his views, there are several loopholes in some of the solutions he provided. The book could have been more compact, his arguments often got lost amidst unnecessary details. It also got boring at times because of too many details and I had to take long breaks in between to keep reading.

PS: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

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