A naval architect, a journalist in-the-making, from Kerala, India; I am a self-taught artist, a freelance writer, reader, a daughter, and the youngest of three sisters, besides a million other things. Science and ships took me to engineering in shipbuilding (unfortunately or fortunately), only to realise my true calling –writing.

There are often days, that sometimes turn into weeks, when there are a string of words and ideas that lurk inside my head.  They create a chaotic universe, refusing to let me grab on to them.  And then, in the middle of sleep at 3 in the morning, or during a long cold shower where I am just reaching out for the dish of soap or while memorising the equations for that all-important-exam, these words decide to reach out to me. There follows a hunt for a paper, a pen, a laptop, a mobile, a tissue, a toilet paper –or just about anything that would let these words pour out, before they can disappear forever.  It is in that precise moment, when the ink bleeds into the paper or the keypads strike away, that I feel the most like myself.  Well, it is one of the three times.

The second time around is when the words in my head are replaced by vague images.  Colours.  Hues.  Shapes.  Patterns.  Such times, with loud music booming in my ears, I pick up my pencils, brushes and paints and unleash myself onto the canvas.  I prefer my world in black, white and shades of grey; uncomplicated.  Perhaps, that is a reflection of what I seek in life: simplicity.

The third time is when I find myself hooked to the world inside a book. Within the pages of a book, inhaling its old charm of a smell, feeling the worn-out pages through my fingers, I find a certain kind of solace.  On the days that I do not write, read or sketch, I find myself lost in the myriad inklings of life; it is when I turn to words and drawings that I find myself.

I am an old school, living in the body of a millennial. For a glimpse into the books that I have read, loved, cried over, hated; for that once in a blue moon spark of inspiration that spilt over as words or art, stay.

102 thoughts on “About

  1. theworldisnotagainstme says:

    Your blog and your personality just blew my mind. Also, njan thiruvanthapurathil ninnu aan. High-five fellow mallu. We be the bestest and the awesomest.


  2. theextraaamile says:

    this is a well written introduction 🙂 Just incase you’ve already forgotten… I’m Ken Adams…Regina? remember? 😉
    Like I mentioned before, I know a little too much of Kerala for my own good having spent 3 years, the food, the people and the weather… 🙂 a learning experience in all 🙂 a whole lot different from the place that I hail from ie GOA 🙂 Have u been to Goa?

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  3. avinamdar says:

    Hi Reethu, such a wonderful introduction, it’s good to read about a fellow romantic ! I’m going to read more on your blog now, but I’m also nominating your for the Liebster award. I hope you accept and I would love to read your answers. You will find the details on my blog post. Cheers, your fellow blogger, Advaita 🙂

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  4. Shiva Malekopmath says:

    Besides million other things I have found your About interesting and I feel we shall both go a long way in this Blog World.
    I did read the top page poem right now “But the Heart never Listens”
    by that itself I came to know your depth.
    Thanks for the follow.
    I am happy that I am your 99th follow, I shall remember that and if possible you also do as the 9 is a lucky Number.
    Fondest Regards,

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  5. Hemangini says:

    All the time I kept feeling like I am reading my own story!! I also consider myself an endangered species and to be true the more I go on living the more I feel out of place everywhere. Glad to have found your blog. It’s amazing writing. Keep writing dear, it’s magical. 🙂

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  6. James J. Cudney IV says:

    Hi. It is nice to e-meet you. Thank you for the follow. I look forward to connecting on here with you more and seeing what your site has to offer. Off to look around and see what other social media sites we share in common. -jay

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  7. Ξnigma says:

    You indeed are an amazing writer. I just confirmed when I read some of your posts.

    P.S. Thanks for the follow, btw. 🙂 Would have appreciated if you read some of my posts. But well, that would be asking too much. Nonetheless, thanks for dropping by. 😀

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    • Reethu Ravi says:

      Aww thank you so much for your feedback, means a lot.❤

      PS: I did read one or two, but wasn’t exactly in a circumstance to enjoy your words. Hence the follow to remind myself to read further. Doing it asap!😊

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      • Ξnigma says:

        You’re welcome. 😊
        I am glad to hear it.

        P.S. Umm, sorry. Did I force you to read now? Sigh, that wasn’t my intention though. And also I am not a great or even a average writer. So, enjoying is a far too much to expect of me. 😐

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      • Reethu Ravi says:

        Oh no, you didn’t. I was, in fact, looking for reading something worthwhile.
        I just remembered why I couldn’t read your works before. You have kinda long write ups that needed carefull attention, for which I did not have the sufficient time back then. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • Reethu Ravi says:

        I love reading long posts. Even I write long posts!

        I am not busy per se, just happened to find your blog while I was in the middle of something 😛

        And you don’t have to be sorry. Long post or short, you write for yourself. You are just doing what you love, right? So don’t give a rat’s ass about what others want! 😉 😛

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      • usathroughoureyes says:

        Reethu it wonderful you stopped by and please don’ worry. When you have many followers you must share your time and we certainly know how that is. There are so many wonderful bloggers but only so many minutes in each day. We’ll be steadily signing on to read your writings.

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  8. Quirky Girl says:

    “In short, am one of those endangered section of human beings that still yearn for an yesterday that was truly magical, that could not and will never be experienced.”

    Yes! I totally love and agree with this part!

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  9. Soul Gifts says:

    All this romantic, old school, love the feel of books, meeting face to face, silences – resonates. Kindred spirits:) Thank you so much for the follow. I look forward to reading what you have to say!

    Liked by 1 person

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