A naval architect in the making, from the state of Kerala in India; am a self-taught artist, a freelance writer,reader, a daughter, the youngest of three sisters, besides a million other things. Am a dreamer of the typical kind-travel around the world, go on adventures, explore the unexplored, and much more.Science and ships took me to engineering in ship building, but my heart always leads me to my passion-writing. First love will always be books. Will always go gaga over movies, series, travel and music.

As much a lover of science and modern technologies, and in spite of being an outright rationalist, am still old school at heart. A personal letter or a handwritten note can move me any day. I prefer flowers to a one page write up on my Facebook/Instagram page or expensive gifts on a birthday. My idea of the perfect date is a long walk, (a coffee and a Crossword visit would do too)that just involves a lot of heart-to-hearts, crazy amounts of laughter, discussions on everything and anything that matters and doesn’t, and even silence; which is impeccably beautiful.(Who says one needs to speak to communicate?) I would take a hug any day rather than an hour long WhatsApp text on ‘It’s gonna be OK, everything will be fine’. I would kill for an old book, for the sensation of its touch and its smell, rather than 10000 bucks worth Kindle.

Am a romantic at heart, with a wish to have belonged to that era,where things didn’t happen so easily; where you actually had to put in efforts to be with the one you loved, rather than in today’s time where things happen too fast that there is really no time to enjoy the simplest joys of life. Obviously, it sounds so unpractical these days, but millions of people did it centuries back, so why can’t we? We have all been robbed of the feelings associated with missing, waiting and anticipation, and yet we are all so unaware.

Am one of the few who feel blessed to have had a childhood that involved a lot of running, outdoor engagements, dreams and hopes, cartoons and anime that brought joy and provoked a thought; rather than a smartphone with the illusion of having achieved everything.

In short, am one of those endangered sections of human beings that still yearn for an yesterday that was truly magical, that could not and will never be experienced.