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A thought,here and there.Words that breath life into them.So born are poems,stories,random musings-An eternal bliss!


Book Reviews

Book Review: Second Chance

Shekhar Kapoor is the chairman of Aerowalk, a leading shoe company. A multi-billionaire, arrogance is his closest companion and he makes it a point to make life hell for anyone that has the ill fate to be around him. All... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Origin By Dan Brown

Book          : Origin Author       :  Dan Brown Publisher    : Bantam Press Rating        :  2.5 Get it on    : BookChor or Amazon   Story Eminent Harvard Professor of religious iconology and symbology, Robert Langdon is once again in the wrong place at the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Maestra

Book          : Maestra Author       :  L.S. Hilton Publisher    : Zaffre Publishing Rating        :  2 Get it on     : Bookchor or Amazon   Story   Judith Rashleigh is struggling as an assistant in a prestigious London auction house when she chances upon her old... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hell! No Saints In Paradise

Book : Hell! No saints in Paradise. Author : A.K. Asif Publisher: Harper Collins Rating : 3.5

Getting Over The Book Thief

First the colours.   Then the humans.   That's usually how I see       things.   Or at least, how I try.  * HERE IS A SMALL FACT *        You are going to die. When... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Harappa-Curse Of The Blood River

I rarely read mythological books from Indian authors. And hence I was really sceptical about reading Harappa: curse of the blood river. But the book really surpassed my expectations. Characters The protagonist in the part of the story set in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Unlawful Justice

Called 'India's John Grisham', the best selling author of crime fiction, Vish Dhamija brings to the readers his sixth work in the same genre-Unlawful Justice. Characters There are a handful of prominent characters in this book, who have been portrayed... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness

How to tell a shattered story? By slowly becoming everybody. No. By slowly becoming everything. After a long wait of twenty years, Arundhati Roy's new release has met all the expectations that were bestowed upon it. Her exceptional story telling... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The God Of Small Things

  "They all crossed into forbidden territory. They all tampered with the laws that lay down who should be loved and how. And how much." There is just a handful of Booker Prize winner's that I have read. And if... Continue Reading →

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