I'm your very first companion, We met the day you were born.   I'm the trick up the sleeves of stubborn kids, But I'm also the river of Innocence.   I soak your pillows on a lonely night, And I drizzle down your cheeks amidst your thank you speech.   I'm the relief for a … Continue reading Tears.

The will-o’-the-wisp

The night loomed in. Shadows that were cast, Danced in a deep melancholy. Her shattered dreams, Long forgotten desires, Forced her to shut the window- That let in the moonlight; And with it, anguishing memories. Yet a dragonfly barged in, Her will-o'-the-wisp. Persuasive in its visage, She was hauled into reminiscing. The wanderlust in her … Continue reading The will-o’-the-wisp


Feet that stomps the moist ground. A little prick here, a little prick there. Blood, oozing. Still running. Hands that drag me back. Pushed down, Crushed. Crawling to find solace. Rising up A stumble here, a stumble there. But, up. And, Still running. Enclosing darkness. Spreading like venom. Suffocation. Breath. Focus. Keep running. "I am … Continue reading Running

Twenty Sixteen

From 12 am birthday calls, To 12 pm birthday texts. From just friends to lovers, And from lovers to strangers. From rekindled romances, To re-shattered hearts. From new hopes and promising horizons, To heaps of mistakes and regrets. From clothes that hung a little loose, To the ones that didn't fit anymore. From diminished friends … Continue reading Twenty Sixteen

That song from last fall

‚ÄčThat song from last fall, Appealing in all its splendour.Love, the head over heels kind.Feet that made love to each beat.Heart that waltzed to its every rhythm.Each lyric, every word, familiar.Like the sailor who knew his sea,And the painter his strokes.Silent promises,On togetherness for eternity.A denizen to it,Addicted.Remember that song from last fall?Our song.Overplayed. Unforgettable.Eventually, … Continue reading That song from last fall