"Maybe, you are just afraid of love, because you haven't experienced it." I take a long sip from my bottle, then bend down to stuff the bottle and my clothes into the duffel bag. Ever since Sam and I met at the gym two weeks back and hit it off instantly, he's been on a … Continue reading Questions

Red Flags

Red Flags I pack your stuffs for the fifteenth time. Your t-shirts, your gifts, your letters, the remnants of the last cigarette we smoked, one matchbox, everything goes into the plain old cardboard box that resembles me in its brokenness. I pause for a second. There are so many thoughts getting tangled with one another … Continue reading Red Flags


"This is going to be a tough one.", he warned. "I love challenges.", I beamed, the sun on my face, the wind caressing my hair with the sea just feets away. "Okay first things first, heads up on few meanings. Rukhsaar is face, Til means mole, Daulat is a whole lot of money and Husn … Continue reading Shayari.

If Only.

Our first drink together, the fourth round. The 7 degree Delhi air has even seeped into my bones, and I could really use a warm hug, but instead, I wrap the blanket around me a little tighter and say nothing. As I topsy-turvy on the border of clear-headedness and drunkenness, I say, "So, listen." Still … Continue reading If Only.


Sunday. You have forgotten to change the settings of your alarm, yet again. "Aniket, not agaaain!", I mumble through my sleep, hiding my head under the pillow, straining to hold on to dear sleep. Auto snooze. 5:10am. I press down the pillow harder to the point of suffocation. 5:20am. It's way past the time for … Continue reading Mess.