"This is going to be a tough one.", he warned. "I love challenges.", I beamed, the sun on my face, the wind caressing my hair with the sea just feets away. "Okay first things first, heads up on few meanings. Rukhsaar is face, Til means mole, Daulat is a whole lot of money and Husn … Continue reading Shayari.


If Only.

Our first drink together, the fourth round. The 7 degree Delhi air has even seeped into my bones, and I could really use a warm hug, but instead, I wrap the blanket around me a little tighter and say nothing. As I topsy-turvy on the border of clear-headedness and drunkenness, I say, "So, listen." Still … Continue reading If Only.


Sunday. You have forgotten to change the settings of your alarm, yet again. "Aniket, not agaaain!", I mumble through my sleep, hiding my head under the pillow, straining to hold on to dear sleep. Auto snooze. 5:10am. I press down the pillow harder to the point of suffocation. 5:20am. It's way past the time for … Continue reading Mess.

Endurance And Other Existences

As I sipped the last of my coffee, I glanced at my husband sitting next to me on the couch, immersed in his iPad. The home theatre in front of us displayed the latest commercials. As I bend down to retrieve the TV remote from the coffee table, I noticed his untouched coffee, all cold. … Continue reading Endurance And Other Existences


The insistent ring of my cell phone dragged me out of my sleep. As my hands groped about in the dark for my phone, my body still refusing to budge from its stance of sleep, I unconsciously glanced at the time. The fluorescent dial on the clock said 2:43 am. As my fingers finally wrapped … Continue reading Sahuui,