A Thought, A Word and An Eternal Bliss!

A thought,here and there.Words that breath life into them.So born are poems,stories,random musings-An eternal bliss!




Feet that stomps the moist ground. A little prick here, a little prick there. Blood, oozing. Still running. Hands that drag me back. Pushed down, Crushed. Crawling to find solace. Rising up A stumble here, a stumble there. But, up.... Continue Reading →


Twenty Sixteen

From 12 am birthday calls, To 12 pm birthday texts. From just friends to lovers, And from lovers to strangers. From rekindled romances, To re-shattered hearts. From new hopes and promising horizons, To heaps of mistakes and regrets. From clothes... Continue Reading →

That song from last fall

​That song from last fall, Appealing in all its splendour.Love, the head over heels kind.Feet that made love to each beat.Heart that waltzed to its every rhythm.Each lyric, every word, familiar.Like the sailor who knew his sea,And the painter his... Continue Reading →


With every puff that he drew in deep, he remembered her scent. In every ring of smoke that emanated from him, he envisioned her curves. With each ash that struck the ground, he tried in vain, to forget her. Each... Continue Reading →

Forgetting the master

STOP!! Stop right now!! Just stop it,don't let it get over your head. Don't let it consume you. Just don't let it change who you are. Just don't. You are much above mere social networking,you know? You are not defined... Continue Reading →

But the heart never listens

Not everyone is meant to stay, some are just floaters.


"I didn't mean it" Of course, you did. "I would never hurt you" But that's exactly what you did. "I'm sorry" No, you are not. "I didn't think you would take it that way" But I did, didn't I? "It... Continue Reading →

Eternal love

Love is often like that; you could love with all your heart, yet it will remain unattainable.

Rise again!

When it takes two hours to down your meal Takes an effort just to swallow, Eating becomes a struggle. When you have to concentrate on your breathing, Just to hold on, Breathing becomes a task. When it takes hours of... Continue Reading →

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