A Thought, A Word and An Eternal Bliss!

A thought,here and there.Words that breath life into them.So born are poems,stories,random musings-An eternal bliss!


Random musings

Dear somebody I used to know

Do you remember how we crossed that very thin line between just friends and lovers? It was probably that day we were talking on the balcony one moment, n the next you were leaning on me with our faces just... Continue Reading →



It's new year!!! 2017, yup it's here already!!! And thus it's once again that time of the year for staying up till well after 12 am, partying hard, getting drunk af, kissing the love of your life (or some random... Continue Reading →

Despondent Wishes

I wish for your lips to utter my name just one more time, the one only you used to call me. Like the time we huddled together on the beach,watching the waves make love to the sand, I wish you... Continue Reading →

Dear Best Friend

​ Dear best friend, I mean ex- best friend. It's quite funny I still can't get used to that term. Did you ever notice that we haven't met in years? What am I even asking right? It will be shocking... Continue Reading →


​What if I forget you? What if I wake up one blue moon, to see you next to me in bed, your hands wrapped around me; only to scream as hell thinking you are a stranger? What if I have... Continue Reading →


A typical Sunday night in our apartment at Mumbai. I snuggled closer to my husband, taking in all his warmth, his arms wrapped around me; a blanket covering us both. The home theatre in front showed episode 21 of our favourite series; a... Continue Reading →

Closest Strangers

Do you remember the plans we made? The huge beach wedding, Christian style. You waiting eagerly at the altar, adorning a tuxedo; while I walked down the aisle. The lavenders and the lilies along with our closest acquaintances witnessing our... Continue Reading →

Bookchor – The Robin Hood of Textville!

  I still remember the day I first ran into Bookchor. Let me tell you this in all honesty- it was love at first sight! It happened about five months back, on a very normal day of mine spend loitering... Continue Reading →

The old man in the white and blue striped shirt

It's not often that you meet a stranger on the road, who makes you look at life like you have never did before

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