A Thought, A Word and An Eternal Bliss!

A thought,here and there.Words that breath life into them.So born are poems,stories,random musings-An eternal bliss!


Short story


Sunday. You have forgotten to change the settings of your alarm, yet again. "Aniket, not agaaain!", I mumble through my sleep, hiding my head under the pillow, straining to hold on to dear sleep. Auto snooze. 5:10am. I press down... Continue Reading →


Endurance And Other Existences

As I sipped the last of my coffee, I glanced at my husband sitting next to me on the couch, immersed in his iPad. The home theatre in front of us displayed the latest commercials. As I bend down to... Continue Reading →


The insistent ring of my cell phone dragged me out of my sleep. As my hands groped about in the dark for my phone, my body still refusing to budge from its stance of sleep, I unconsciously glanced at the... Continue Reading →

Letters To Ruqaiya

Its a dark, dark world that we live in. I can only imagine where India will be, years from now.

Endurances Of The Unforseen

I could hear the rustling in the room, so I knew he was up. Yet, when the light flickered on in the balcony, it caught me off guard. "Okay if I join Miss. night wanderer?", peeking in through the... Continue Reading →


A typical Sunday night in our apartment at Mumbai. I snuggled closer to my husband, taking in all his warmth, his arms wrapped around me; a blanket covering us both. The home theatre in front showed episode 21 of our favourite series; a... Continue Reading →


He lay there on his back,with his head resting on one palm, and his other hand wrapped around me; loosely yet close,carefree yet affectionate. I rested my head on his torso, my fingers tracing patterns on the hairs on his... Continue Reading →

Conquering the differences

“And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse….” “Rohan, I need to talk to you,” Amy intervened. Rohan stopped speaking the very instant, ‘cause he knew quite well that, she addressing him as “Rohan”; either meant that she... Continue Reading →

A week with Abigail

Some love stories are like that-short lived; yet is the most purest and genuine of it all.

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