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A thought,here and there.Words that breath life into them.So born are poems,stories,random musings-An eternal bliss!



Kaffeinated Konversations Book Box

A couple of years back, Book Subscription Boxes were something that was available only in the international market. Bibliophiles in India had to pay such horrendous sum of money to buy these. And with a shipping charge that was almost as... Continue Reading →


International Book Giving Day

My second article on Kaffeinated Konversations, where I talk about the less known International Book Giving Day, that falls on February 14th. Do read and donate books 🙂

It’s February 14th. Love is in the air, and streets are all adorned in red. Well planned surprises are being executed, and the last to the party are doing a rushed shopping. From flowers to teddy bears and chocolates to every other thing that the lovey-dovey couples drool over are going to be high on demand. But, I am not here to talk about Valentine’s day. Thanks to the overrated attention to this day for “lovers”, there is a very important factor of February 14th, that’s getting buried under the bush.

What exactly is The International Book Giving Day?


Yes, what a lot of people don’t remember, and most unfortunately, what a vast majority do not know is that February 14th is also International Book Giving Day. Thought it originated in the United Kingdom, The International Book Giving day has been widely followed all…

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My Worst Book Hangovers

My first article as a content brewer intern at Kaffeinated Konversations, where I talk about my worst book hangovers.

Have you ever had an instance where you just could not get over a book? You will get so attached to the book and most often after finishing it you are so emotionally gripped that, you feel like taking up a new book is almost sinful.

Sometimes it’s the setting of the book that transports you to a different world, like Harry Potter, which will give you the hardest time to come back to reality. Other times it may be the story, something inspirational like Tuesdays with Morrie. And the worst kinds of hangovers are the ones that leave you depressed. I have had so many book hangovers, but let me tell you about those books that gave me the worst hangover ever.

P.S. I Love You

Those who have read this book will know how moving and emotional this book is. The author, Cecelia Ahern, has done a spectacular…

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The Bookling’s Crate: The Best Book Subscription Box In India

Are you a voracious reader? Are you absolutely in love with book merchandise? Have you ever desperately wanted to get your hands on a book subscription box, but couldn't cause those are so damn expensive? Worry not my fellow bookling,... Continue Reading →

Blogging And Me

Blogging has been here since-well for long enough anyway. But I was never into it. Never once thought about starting one either. Honestly, I thought blogging was just a platform for people to show off. A place for drama queens and... Continue Reading →

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