A Thought, A Word and An Eternal Bliss!

A thought,here and there.Words that breath life into them.So born are poems,stories,random musings-An eternal bliss!

Book Review: Second Chance

Shekhar Kapoor is the chairman of Aerowalk, a leading shoe company. A multi-billionaire, arrogance is his closest companion and he makes it a point to make life hell for anyone that has the ill fate to be around him. All... Continue Reading →



Sunday. You have forgotten to change the settings of your alarm, yet again. "Aniket, not agaaain!", I mumble through my sleep, hiding my head under the pillow, straining to hold on to dear sleep. Auto snooze. 5:10am. I press down... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Origin By Dan Brown

Book          : Origin Author       :  Dan Brown Publisher    : Bantam Press Rating        :  2.5 Get it on    : BookChor or Amazon   Story Eminent Harvard Professor of religious iconology and symbology, Robert Langdon is once again in the wrong place at the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Maestra

Book          : Maestra Author       :  L.S. Hilton Publisher    : Zaffre Publishing Rating        :  2 Get it on     : Bookchor or Amazon   Story   Judith Rashleigh is struggling as an assistant in a prestigious London auction house when she chances upon her old... Continue Reading →

Endurance And Other Existences

As I sipped the last of my coffee, I glanced at my husband sitting next to me on the couch, immersed in his iPad. The home theatre in front of us displayed the latest commercials. As I bend down to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hell! No Saints In Paradise

Book : Hell! No saints in Paradise. Author : A.K. Asif Publisher: Harper Collins Rating : 3.5

Getting Over The Book Thief

First the colours.   Then the humans.   That's usually how I see       things.   Or at least, how I try.  * HERE IS A SMALL FACT *        You are going to die. When... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Harappa-Curse Of The Blood River

I rarely read mythological books from Indian authors. And hence I was really sceptical about reading Harappa: curse of the blood river. But the book really surpassed my expectations. Characters The protagonist in the part of the story set in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Unlawful Justice

Called 'India's John Grisham', the best selling author of crime fiction, Vish Dhamija brings to the readers his sixth work in the same genre-Unlawful Justice. Characters There are a handful of prominent characters in this book, who have been portrayed... Continue Reading →

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